The DG5 tester carries out leak and flow tests as well functional tests on gas appliances.

Fitted with a continuous laminar flow leak testing technology module full demonstration (G5), a Laminar flow testing technology (D5) module and a user friendly PC interface (Sesame software), the DG5 let’s the user visualise the flow and leaks in real time.

“Sesame”: The PC interface

Sesame allows engineers to store as many different programs as they require. Handy when you have to manage extensive product ranges.

Once a calibration has been done on one of our calibrated jets, the user scans a barn code to start the cycle.
The DG5 makes an self check test and the user can then visualise the cycle and results on his or her screen.
The tests results can be saved or printed on labels, that the operator can stick on the product itself.



Using Y valves, our DG5 switches between Leak and Flow tests. But what’s more, it can do so with 4 different test pressures, so you can Leak / Flow your product in lots of different configurations.

Within those test pressure, the DG5 comes with a unit feature that only ATEQ has on the market.

The pressure variation compensation.

Since different flows could affect the actual test pressure, at any given test pressure, the DG5 will give all measurements related to the calibrated pressure value.

For example, a large leak would create a drop of pressure in the test circuit and affect the measurement likewise. But the DG5 will compensate for this drop of pressure and show on screen only what the leak would be at the exact test pressure.

Contact one of our sales engineer to discuss in details all the possible sequences the DG5 can go through.
All this is controlled by a PC and our Sesame software.

Finally, included in the DG5 tester is a calibrated jet that allows the instrument to self check itself prior to every test, making sure no drift takes place during the day in your production run.