ATEQ has a mechanical design department for the design and building of standard or special connectors specifically adapted to an application.

ATEQ’s connectors solve almost any connecting problem and they are easy to use, reliable and operator safety.

The standard connectors of ATEQ called as auto-couplers with expansible seals, which help in precise and reliable assembly of leak testing and flow measurement.

They are controlled with the help of the pneumatic valve supplied with compressed air, thus simplifying the operator work.
Many connectors can be piloted by a same command either by an ATEQ instrument or by any software.

The connectors easily adapt to any sort of nozzles or orifice, even with the large tolerances.

These connectors exist for external measurement, internal measurement, threaded and tapped ends. In standard, they are made of anodised or unoxidable aluminium as required. Various type of seals are available according to various elasticity.

On specific requirement, ATEQ can design and manufacture special connectors adapted to your tested part.