I-DAS is a module to save the production data tests for the Ateq instruments.

The production data coming from the Ateq instrument are stored in the i-das memory in a file that can be viewed and saved on PC via USB connection.
I-DAS may also be connected to a serial printer to print a customized test report.

Its compact size (120 x 40 x 65 mm L x H x D) make it easy to place close to the instrument connected. The silk-screen printing on the top of the i-das makes very easy and intuitive the connection procedure to the Ateq instrument and the PC.

Main Features :

  • Capability to store more than 5.000.000 of cycles.
  •  Date and time parameter available inside (useful with instruments without date and time).
  •  Production data saved in CSV file (excel format).
  •  Capability to save programs parameters and program production results in separate files.
  •  Txt file available for printable ticket with 5 lines of free text.
  •  Easy setup with the software I-DAS CONFIGURATOR (included).

I-das Configurator is a software expressly designed to configure and manage the i-das.

Allows to view, edit, and set all the parameters of the i-das in a easy and intuitive interface and save the configuration of each i-das on your computer.

So you can store, display the parameters from the archive or from the i-das connected; save the parameters from the i-das to the computer or download in the i-das parameters previously stored. Manage not only the data stored within each i-das but also the parameters set for the connection between each i-das and the ATEQ instrument.

The i-das Configurator doesn’t require installation and can be run directly from the memory of the i-das by the file “i-das-Cfg.exe”in the “CFG-I-DAS” folder; or you can copy all the folder “CFG-I-DAS” on your computer and run the file i-DAS Cfg.exe present inside.

The i-das window is divided into three sections, and is possible to view / edit the parameters
of communication, settings and memory of the i-das.