ISO 14001 Certification: Quality Team Interview

Read the interview with our quality team detailing their actions and ATEQ’s actions to continuously improve our environmental performance.
The quality team is dedicated to implementing practices and measures to improve our environmental performance. Their aim is to minimize our ecological footprint while promoting sustainable development.
In this interview, you will discover the different actions undertaken by our team. This rigorous environmental management system, in line with current standards and regulations, enables us to identify areas where improvements can be made.

  • Can you introduce us to the Quality department of ATEQ SAS?

The Quality Environment department works in the areas of quality, environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, and will soon integrate health and safety at work. We are composed of five individuals:

  • Frank Remond, Quality and Laboratory Director
  • Kieu Vy and Aurélie Olive, Quality Environment Managers
  • Jeanne Tchoffo, QSE Coordinator
  • Chantal Grabarz, Quality Environment Assistant

We are also expecting the arrival of a person for the health and safety aspect. We ensure the performance of our management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

  • Can you explain what ISO 14001 is ?

ISO 14001 is an internationally certifiable standard that specifies the requirements for an environmental management system.

Its purpose is to ensure the protection and prevention of the environment through a continuous improvement approach to environmental performance.

It takes into account interested parties and structures our environmental objectives.

  • What are the main advantages for ATEQ SAS in being ISO 14001 compliant today?

Firstly, it allows us to respond to the climate emergency by reducing our CO2 emissions.

It is also a requirement from our customers who wish to contribute to the preservation of our planet. Therefore, it is imperative for us to maintain our position in the market.

Finally, regulations are rapidly increasing, and it is necessary to have the means in place to comply with them.

In summary, the stakes are both environmental, economic, and regulatory.

  • What future actions has ATEQ SAS planned regarding environmental issues?

Our buildings have already been renovated, and solar panels will soon be installed.

We aim for carbon neutrality by 2030.

Therefore, numerous actions are underway, mainly in the areas of eco-design, waste reduction, refurbishment of end-of-life parts and/or sub-assemblies, reduction of our consumption, and responsible procurement.

At ATEQ our Quality Team plays a crucial role in ensuring our organization’s adherence to ISO 14001 standards and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. Their expertise and dedication enable us to continually improve our environmental performance and contribute to a sustainable future.