ISO 9001 & ISO 17025

ISO 9001
ISO/IEC 17025


Quality Environment and Societal Policy

With 45 years of experience, our vocation is to provide our customers reliable and eco-innovative test
equipment that complies with applicable and regulatory requirements while respecting our quality,
environmental and societal commitments. Our Commitment is to satisfy all Interested Parties.
Our policy focuses towards a continuous improvement process of our quality, environmental and societal
performance. To achieve this policy, ATEQ S.A.S undertakes to respect the following axes:

  1.  Guarantee a quality service in each area of activity:
    • Develop innovation
    • Meet our commitments in terms of deadlines, costs and maintaining product integrity,
    • Collaborate with quality suppliers (periodically evaluated),
    • Prioritize the needs of the ATEQ group to be responsive and stand out globally,
    • Encourage listening in the field with customers and subsidiaries,
    • Continuously improve our performance and know-how in order to increase customer satisfaction
  2.  Integrate new products into the sales network:
    • Promote new products to the end customers
    • Make the sale of new products a priority for subsidiaries
    • Prospecting clients on new activities
  3.  Ensure the protection and prevention of the environment:
    • Systematically integrate eco-design into the development of our products,
    • Reduce the production of our waste by adopting a circular economy approach,
    • Reduce our consumption of natural resources (energy, water, etc.)
    • Reduce CO2 emissions linked to our travels
    • Incorporate environmental criteria into our purchasing decisions (local suppliers, committed to
    sustainable development, etc.)
    • Raise awareness and train employees on good environmental practices (pre-collection and sorting of
    waste, etc.).
    • Support and educate our subsidiaries towards eco-labeled products and the circular economy
    • Continuously improve the management system in order to improve environmental performance
  4.  Federate around common values linked to fulfillment, health, safety and society:
    • Promote the skills and development of employees and therefore their motivation,
    • Ensure their health and safety through a safe working environment and control of the risks of our
    • Fight against all forms of discrimination, harassment and promote equal opportunities
    • Respect Human and Children’s Rights in our activities, our trade relations and our products
    • Improve our CSR performance

As President, I engage to make the necessary resources available. I delegate the authority to Alain
BOURRELLIER, Managing Director of ATEQ SAS for the definition and the respect of these commitments. I
associate everyone with this great project.
In Les Clayes sous Bois, September 14, 2021
Jacques MOUCHET, President

This policy is reviewed every year