After 45 years, and 150,000 testers installed in more than 5,000 customers worldwide, ATEQ presents its revolutionnary valves tester ERD620.
New electronic module, new measurement module, new interface, new accessories… All has been made to improve your quality control.

It’s an instrument designed to test components for which a response is expected at a given pressure. The instrument applies a gradually increasing pressure to the test part, until the expected event occurs, producing an electrical contact closure. It checks that the pressure is within the specified limits and releases the pressure. Its design allows it to be used for on-line testing of production parts. It’s also a flow tester.


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Opening valves, closing valves with flow detection…

Leaking levels with flow detection…

Pressure contact elements…

Main features

  • Flow measurement in direct or indirect testing
  • Wide flow measurement range
  • USA, S.I. and customer units
  • Measurement in standard or customised conditions
  • Recalculated flow at the nominal pressure
  • Measurement element fully integrated into one module
  • 128 programs
  • Electronic regulator from vacuum to 10 bar
  • setting on line (via USB)
  • 2 languages (English + other one)
  • Data storage on internal memory or USB keyDifferential pressure decay leak measurement: vacuum to 20 bar


• ROHS standard

Flexible communication format

  • RS232: Printer, modbus RTU
  • Slave USB: PC supervision (WinAteq 300)
  • Master USB: USB key to transfert (parameters, results, …)
  • Option Fieldbus: Profibus, devicenet, profinet, Ethernet/IP,Modbus RTU

Time & date, language & units choice, test customisation & more…

Technical Specifications

Physical Weight: 8 Kg
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 250x150x360 mm
External electrical supply 24 VDC/2A or 100-240 VAC/50W
Air supply Clean and dry air required
Air quality standard to be applied (ISO 8573-1)
Temperature Operating: +5°C to +45°C (+41 °F to 113 °F)
Storage: 0°C to +60°C (32 °F to 140 °F)

Measurement ranges


Range l/h Accuracy Max. resolution l/h
5 +/-(2.5%F +0.005l/h) 0.0001
30 +/-(2.5%F +0.03l/h) 0.001
80 +/-(2.5%F +0.08 l/h) 0.001
150 +/-(2.5%F +0.15 l/h) 0.01
500 +/-(2.5%F +0.5 l/h) 0.01
1500 +/-(2.5%F +1.5 l/h) 0.1


TLC 600 Remote control

TLC 600 Remote control


  • 9 inputs / 5 outputs9 inputs / 5 local outputs compatible with 5 series instruments
  • 6 inputs/ 6 outputs 24 V programmable for external automation
  • External capillary: closed to test port
  • 2 pneumatic outputs for control of sealing connectors
  • Memory card for archiving results (400 000)


  • 9 inputs / 5 outputs9 inputs / 5 local outputs compatible with 5 series instruments
  • Simple remote control TLC 60 connexion I/O
  • Advanced remote control TLC 600 connexion master USB
  • USB key for parameters access
  • Y valve
  • WinAteq 300 software
  • Leak calibrator
  • Master jets
  • Vacuum pump
  • Sealing connectors

Please refer to ATEQ accessories list