Does your company need electronic waterproof testing conducted on one of your products ?

 electronic waterproof testing

Since electronics have completely transformed the way our society operates in the 21st century, it should not surprise anyone that our waterproofing capabilities continues to advance as well. It’s been less than 10 years since the first release of waterproof cell phones. Now, it has nearly become the societal standard to carry a waterproof/water-resistant cell phone.

For your business to stay successful, your company needs to keep their promise on delivering a waterproof product. One way to ensure your products are waterproof is to test them. At ATEQ, we carry the technology that can determine whether your product is waterproof, sealed properly, and capable of keeping dust out.

IP (Ingress Protection) testing determines a product’s ability to protect against water, dust, and debris. There are different degrees of protection ranked by the IP code ratings. Depending on the device, it may need a higher degree of protection.

At ATEQ, we can help your company attain the proper IP certification for your products. Our electronic waterproof testing will identify if your product meets the IP testing standards, and we can suggest improvements you can make with proper gaskets, casings, and enclosures. Installing rigid gaskets, for example, will provide more protection against dust, water, and other foreign objects.

The demand for waterproof technology on electronic devices continues to steadily increase. Not only is the degree of protection important to the developer of the technology, but it remains equally as important to the consumer as well. It is imperative that companies developing waterproof products deliver on their promise. The experts at ATEQ will help you decide what steps you need to take to develop your waterproof component, as we provide accurate solutions for leak detection on your products. Start your company off on the right foot, and utilize ATEQ’s electronic waterproof testing technology.

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