As of July 1st 2003, ATEQ  S.A.S (France laboratory) offers its customers the option to include an ISO/IEC17025 accredited calibration of their pressure instruments.

Accredited (ISO/IEC 17025) Pressure and Gas flow
 from 0 to 1330 Pa relative
HIGH PRESSURE from – 0.95 to 25 bar relative
ABSOLUTE PRESSURE from 0.075 to 25 bar
GAS FLOW from 1 to 5 000 ml/min /  5 000 to 80 000 ml/min (300 to 4 800 l/h)

Pressure and gas capabilities don’t apply to all locations, please see the scope of accreditation for each certificate number for specific capabilities.

ATEQ SAS (France laboratory) ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by A2LA certificate 2831.02 in pressure and in gas flow

ATEQ has invested in a brand new air regulated room with a constant temperature of 20°C all year long.
This state of the art facility allows us to control pressures ranging from absolute vacuum up to 25 bar with gauges reaching the precision of a Pascal.
The first customer of this new lab is obviously ATEQ’s own production line of leak, flow tester and manometer.
But existing customers can also benefit from our experience in calibration and get their current pressure / flow equipment a traceable calibration.


ATEQ has 13 ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs all over the world :

France: accredited by A2LA certificate 2831-02
Canada: accredited by A2LA certificate 2831-01
USA: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.01
China: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.02
Japan: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.04
Korea: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.05
India: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.03
Singapore: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.06
Mexico: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.07
Italy: accredited by ACCREDIA certificate 245
Brasil: accredited by INMETRO certificate N° CAL 0745
Spain: accredited by ENAC certificate Nº244/LC10.203
Germany: accredited by DAkkS certificate NºD-K-21260-01

Thanks to this facility, ATEQ can offer to its customers in more than 32 countries a direct certification link to their local standards.

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