With this technology becoming the world standard for all leak detection and leak testing, you want to ensure you purchase from a dependable source. ATEQ’s differential pressure decay leak testers are built to the highest standard. They are extremely fast, accurate, flexible, and reliable. With ATEQ, you have a few options. We carry digital and touch screen models. All our models are compact, user-friendly, and deliver a simple solution for all your differential pressure tester needs.
Some common industries these models are used in include electronic consumer, medical, automotive, and packaging. Our differential pressure decay leak testers can be used for a variety of different industries.

F28 LIGHT leak tester
F28+ leak tester
F6 class leak tester
F610 leak tester
F620 leak tester
F670 leak tester
F620LV leak tester
F670LV leak tester
F520 HP leak tester


At ATEQ, our standard pressure decay leak testers are sensitive enough to detect even the tiniest leak. All our models are simple to use and are highly effective. Whether you need a pressure decay tester for a vacuum environment, calibration, or detecting small leaks, our models will suit your needs. Typical applications include the automotive, medical, and packaging enterprises. Don’t waste any more time trying to find the right standard pressure decay leak tester. Put your trust in one the top-rated air and flow testing technology manufacturers.

F26 SPEED leak tester
F26 SPEED leak tester
F28P Ateq Leaktesting
F28 LP leak tester
F28 LPV leak tester
F405 leak tester
F600 leak tester
F600 HP leak tester