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ATEQ Group announces acquisition of Vacuum Instruments Corporation (VIC), extending product range to include helium leak testing

Paris (France) and New York (USA), July 11, 2024

ATEQ Group, world leader in leak testing solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vacuum Instruments Corporation (VIC), a US company specializing in helium leak testing. This strategic acquisition is designed to integrate helium testing into our product range, strengthening our ability to meet the market’s growing needs in leak testing.

About the ATEQ Group

Founded in 1975, ATEQ Group comprises 4 business activities: Leak Testing, TPMS, Aviation and E-Mobility. ATEQ has become the world leader in leak and flow testing instruments. Its mission is to provide the highest quality test solutions for a variety of industries, contributing to improved product performance and safety. The group has annual sales of 187 million euros and employs over 800 people in 40 countries worldwide. Since its creation, ATEQ has developed a solid portfolio of innovative and reliable products, serving sectors such as automotive, industry, medical & cosmetics, packaging & food, e-mobility, electronics and hydrogen. With a global presence, ATEQ continues to grow by systematically reinvesting in research and development to maintain its leadership position.

About Vacuum Instruments Corporation (VIC)

Since 1958, Vacuum Instruments Corporation (VIC) has been a pioneer in leak detection solutions, specializing in helium testing systems. Based in the USA, VIC is renowned for its high-precision products and its ability to meet the demanding needs of the markets in which it operates. Vacuum Instruments Corporation has built its reputation on innovation and quality, developing advanced technologies that guarantee fast, accurate leak detection – values shared by ATEQ Group.

A complementary alliance

This acquisition combines VIC’s expertise in helium testing with ATEQ’s wide range of test solutions, creating a perfect synergy. Together, we will strengthen our position as world leaders, offering comprehensive and innovative test solutions to meet current and future market challenges. The complementarity of our technologies and our shared commitment to excellence will enable us to deliver even more effective solutions to our customers.

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