The PMC1000 is more than your everyday industrial battery charger. It is a game changer. With the automotive industry trying to be more sustainable and to include a circular economy model in its production process, materials are re-used and recycled at the end of its life. This brings the quality of batteries used in EVs to question. The PMC1000 is a specially designed industrial battery charger/tester to charge EV lithium-ion batteries at the end of production lines.

The device can produce wide power output ranges with extremely accurate power readings and individual battery module fault identification. It represents a significant leap in the charging technology for the future ahead. OEMs can charge the EV vehicles at a desired power and voltage output to the required state of charge of the battery.
ATEQ’s CEO, Jean Luc REGEF, encapsulated the essence of this innovation, stating “This cutting-edge device is set to redefine the way OEMs power the EV batteries and represents a significant leap forward in charging technology. With the launch of PMC1000, ATEQ continues to leverage its commitment to quality and innovation in ensuring a cleaner, safer and more reliable product to the community.”


The new PMC1000 is the most advanced and precise battery charger/tester that is specifically dedicated to production lines, R&D laboratories and EV/HEV expertise. It is available in various power configurations, equipped with easy-to-use sliding charge units and a brilliant 13″ color touch screen making it the best in class. The device houses an integrated database showcasing various parameters and thresholds and a completely secured system with built in battery protections ensuring highest safety standards.

PMC1000: The Smart Investment – Here’s Why

• Flexible and time-saving

The PMC 1000 is available in three power ranges: 1000 volts – 40 kW, 1000 volts- 80kW and 1000 volts – 120kW powered by slidable charge units making it flexible for various power ranges. Additionally, it eliminates the need of an operator via the OPC UA server making it completely autonomous.

• Simple and user-friendly

The device comes with an interactive 13″ icon driven color touch screen presenting an exceptional user interface with real time status during the battery charge process. It comes with color coded lights allowing operator to know at a distance the Live status of the PMC1000. The device can as well be set up in multiple languages for ease of use.

• Traceability and Communication

PMC1000 is completely traceable with test methods and multiple parameters such as battery information, state of charge and real time graphs and data showing various reports and an integrated database.

• Accuracy and fault detection

The PMC1000 has accurate output power supply delivering output voltage and current with extreme accurate readings. It can as well detect abnormalities during the battery charge cycle and provide information of any faulty modules in the battery pack.

“Our team has poured endless hours into perfecting every aspect of the PMC1000 battery charger. We are confident that this product will exceed our customers’ expectations and set new industry standards for performance and reliability” says Oliver Bucket, project manager of the PMC1000. The PMC1000 is currently available in the market for sale and is coming closer to you at the Batteries Event 2023 happening at Lyon between Oct10- Oct13.

ATEQ EMOBILITY – Testing for a stronger tomorrow

ATEQ Emobility is the industrial leader in the Emobility testing industry catering to the needs of over 5000 customers worldwide. With a dedicated R&D in France, the group is constantly working on devices and products facilitating various tests to ensure highest quality and safety of products. The Emobility division has an entire line of products conducting leak tests, tire pressure tests and several other test devices with the most advanced technological features.

ATEQ Emobility is a division of ATEQ Group, the number one supplier of automatic leak testing machines and leak test systems for assembly lines and laboratories. With more than 47 years of experience and thanks to its presence in 40 countries, ATEQ is servicing more than 5000 customers worldwide and has a net revenue of 170 M€.