Oxford, NC – From tractors to 18-wheelers and all passenger vehicles in between, drivers everywhere depend on their vehicle’s tires to get them from point a to point b safely. For tires to work properly, they depend on a small metal piece known as the valve core.

Dill Air Controls manufactures this part, and through partnership with ATEQ, they are able to ensure each part they produce is quality tested. Giving drivers everywhere peace of mind that their tire valve is leak-free, preventing dangerous air loss and flat tires.

“ATEQ is deeply appreciative of our longstanding partnership with Dill. The team is fantastic to work with, and we have seen great success in our partnership,” said ATEQ North American CEO, Davy Leboucher. “We strive for premium quality that not only supports our customers, but also the end users who rely on their products to stay safe on the road.”

With the high speeds of modern vehicles, a tire failure can be detrimental to the safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle. With the combined experience, reputation, and accountability of Dill and ATEQ, drivers can be rest assured that their valve core has been thoroughly tested and quality assured before it was even placed in the valve stem.

Dill and ATEQ partner within their TPMS divisions as well. While the TPMS system advancement is useful for giving peace of mind to drivers with a way of notifying them when the tire pressure is becoming too low. Peace of mind starts with ensuring quality of the valve core.

“Dill has used ATEQ leak test equipment in our manufacturing plant for several decades. Our engineering team trusts the equipment and our manufacturing team always chooses ATEQ during our new machine builds. The equipment is accurate and easy to integrate and the ATEQ team provides great support. ATEQ leak testers are used to successfully test millions of parts every month at Dill!” Said President of Dill Air Controls, Brian Rigney.

About ATEQ
For more than 45 years, ATEQ has been producing and servicing high quality, fast & accurate, leak testing instruments for an assortment of applications. The ATEQ World Group is currently the number one supplier of leak detection equipment for production lines or laboratories with offices in 37 countries and more than 5000 clients around the world.

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