ATEQ’s products are in frequent use for medical device leak testing. End users require a high-degree of confidence in the medical field, like when leak testing ventilators, as they are often used to deliver or extract fluids to or from a specific part of the body.

If a leak existed, then fluids could be inadvertently sent to the incorrect location, or the wrong fluids could be removed. Either circumstance can result in dangerous consequences, and expose hazardous situations to healthcare professionals and patients. Ultimately, manufacturers can be held liable for the failures of their products.

Therefore, having a robust testing methodology can minimize these risks by identifying components that don’t meet established production standards.

ATEQ is Available to Provide Testers and Consulting For Ventilator Leak Testing Applications.

Flow Testing Up to 300 L/min
Differential Transducer Measurement Down to 50 Pa Full Scale 0.5 cm H2O
Leak Testing Down to 0.1 cc/min ventilator leak testing

Medical device manufacturers continue to increase the expectations of their quality standards in order to decrease and minimize risk. Therefore, medical device leak testing is of the utmost importance. ATEQ’s products are able to meet these demands. For example, the Hydra, Four Channel Leak Tester, allows for up to four separate channels of testing. Each leak test channel its own leak test transducer with less than 1.5 cc of internal volume.

Our products can be used in a manual or automated environment, and have secure features which limit who has access to entering and altering the testing parameters. ATEQ appreciates that when performing leak detection in medical devices, this may often include testing every single production piece. ATEQ’s leak detection equipment is built for high capacity testing, and includes quick access to calibrated leaks to verify that testing is progressing as expected

Below are some examples of products where ATEQ’s products are used today for medical device leak testing. Our sales application engineers are experts, so if you have a need for precise testing, so if you have a need for precise testing, contact us today!

Blister Packs
Blood Bags
Centrifuge Blood Separator
GeneXpert Cartridge
IV Bags

Medical Bags
Medical Diaphragms
Medical Pumps
Medical Sterilization Capsules
Medical Transducers
Medical Tubing
Medical Fittings
Medical Valves


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